What Should Full-Service Custom Home Floor Plans Give You?

» If you're the creative type that wants to go totally free-style with your custom home floor plans and you don’t want to "follow-the-leader" with other plans… 

» If you're having trouble finding a pre-drawn plan that you’re both happy with and fits your needs… 

» Or if you have one in mind that will need a lot of changes… 

If that's you, then the full dream-home design solution you’re looking for just might be right here.

What can you really expect to get from a complete custom home floor plans service?

(Hint: you get it just like you want it. From the start!)

While I'm not sure what you expect, I can definitely tell you what Larry’s Home Designs will give you.

In a nutshell – everything the construction contractor of your choice needs to know in order to build your home! (Sorry, we can't actually cut or nail the lumber for him. He has to earn his pay somehow!)

Here's what you get:

One-On-One Consulting Services On Your Home’s Design

You receive the full benefit of having an in-house designer discuss in great detail not only what you want and need, but how to most effectively bring it all together for your custom home floor plans results. This includes, but is far from limited to:

  • Site Placement Strategies
  • Floor Plan Layouts
  • Window Placements
  • Exterior Details
  • Interior Details
  • Lighting Benefits
  • and much, much more…

This consultation service is not just "once-and-done" at the beginning, but is fully extended to you throughout your entire designing project. All with a friendly, customer-oriented style that will put you at ease and boost your confidence in fulfilling your dreams!

Special Note: Don't worry if you're not within a feasible driving distance of our office. With more than a decade's worth of custom home floor plans experience as quality preparation, we have for well over 8 years been accepting and successfully working with out-of-state clients by phone, fax and email.

Giving them the same quality home design experience as everyone else – all without ever needing to set a foot inside our office.

Full Drafting and Design Services

Your approved ideas are taken and turned into a complete set of construction-ready drawings. This includes detail conscious:

  • Pictorial-View Elevation Drawings
  • Foundation Plans
  • Floor Plans
  • Floor Framing Plans – if needed in critical areas
  • Cross Section Views – if needed in critical areas
  • Roof Framing Plans

When finished, each set of custom home floor plans is then ready to be used for three vital purposes:

  1. Acquiring bids from any reputable contractors that you are considering to hire.
  2. Having your home design approved by your local government’s building committee for obtaining the required building permits.
  3. The winning contractors will then use your custom home floor plans and turn them into a living (or live-in) reality!

Schedule-Friendly Building Code Specifications

Throughout most areas of the United States and modern world your custom home floor plans will need to be approved by the local government where you intend to build, no matter who draws them. To get approval, specifications need to be included so the building committee knows the technical details of how your home will comply with safety laws. Submission for approval almost always means paying a fee.

Time is of the essence. Resubmitting for approval, if you get denied the first time around, means extra time and money being spent that you’d rather keep to decorate your home when you finally move in.

       Time – for the purpose of needing the changes made on your plans. 
       Money – since most local governments charge for every project approval          meeting scheduled.

Keep that extra time and money where you can use it best – in your hands!

Greatly improving your chances of success to gain approval the very first time every set of custom home floor plans from Larry’s Home Designs includes the following (international) IRC and IBC Codes:

  • Necessary specifications for structural purposes
  • Electrical plans with lighting placement
  • Chapter 11 (of the building codes, not bankruptcy!) requirements of all mechanical devices such as the furnace, hot water heater and air conditioner.
  • Your personal designer calls the local government and works directly with the supervisor who will be in charge of approving your home design. This avoids guesswork and cuts to the chase of each local area’s additional requirements right up front.

We are humbled – and feel extremely blessed – to be able to share with you the fact that so far our custom home floor plans have a near 100% first-time approval rate! 

User-Friendly Construction Materials Lists (optional - upon request)

Enhancing the quality of service you receive from us, plus improving the overall home-building experience for both you and your contractor, each set of custom home floor plans includes comprehensive (but easy-to-use) lists of building materials you need.

Introducing a Larry’s Home Designs Exclusive! 

Not one, but three distinctly different lists that serve separate functions:

  • Individual Placement Lists – this list clearly details every variety of materials needed as well as what it is used for. This speeds things up on the construction site. This list is further simplified by dividing it into two categories:
    1. Log related materials – everything you need to get from your chosen log supplier that regular lumber yards don’t handle.
    2. Standard materials – everything you need that you buy from a regular lumber yard or building supply center.
  • By-The-Load List – this is for scheduling lumber delivery to the job site in stages as needed. This way lumber not needed for awhile won’t be getting weather-beaten.
      » Note: in most cases this list is singularly for standard materials you need because lumber yards are usually reasonably close by and offer free shipping in their delivery ranges. Making it practical to get your materials only as you need them.
  • Condensed Lists – this makes price shopping easy. For you and the suppliers. The needed materials are itemized along with their quantities. To make it easy for you this list is also divided into two separate categories:
    1. Standard materials - includes the commonly used items.
    2. Log related materials – with this list the special Larry’s Homes Designs prices are included for you to compare! No need to sort through the other lists to get the complete summarized details. It’s already done for you.
  • Plus, Multiple Format Options – All these materials lists are available in hard copy, PDF format via email, and Microsoft Word. Choose whichever fits your needs the best

    Printing Services

    Years of helping people achieve their dreams of building their own home, just like you desire, has taught us a number of things. Among them, just to name a few: 

    1. The practical number of copies of the completed plans that a homeowner needs to efficiently see the project through to the wonderfully finished result.
    2. Most custom home floor plans companies don't provide the full amount you need to most effectively work with in their original package.

    Introducing Another Larry’s Home Design Exclusive!

    »  7 copies of the final set of drawings:
      1 – For you, the homeowner to keep
      1 – For your local government (Keep in mind – they typically
              request 3 copies upfront, then return 2 after approval)
      1 – For the foundation contractor
      1 – For your construction contractor
      1 – For the HVAC contractor
      1 – For your plumbing contractor
      1 – Spare copy (They have a way of getting used)
      7 Total Copies

    »  3 copies each of the construction materials lists (if requested)
      1 – For you, the homeowner
      1 – For the bank
      1 – For your construction contractor
      3 Total Copies

    We understand that every homeowner has their individual project needs. So while the above numbers have consistently proven themselves over the years, if you happen to need more you’re covered. Extra copies are available (even later) for an additional, reasonable flat-rate charge.

    Unlimited Phone Follow-up

    You've heard the phrase "It ain't over 'til it's over." We didn't coin it, but it's a solid part of our custom home floor plans business practice!

    Until the total wrap-up when the last contractor leaves the job site and you are ready to move into your personal dream home – we are just a phone call away to answer questions. Or provide advice and support over the phone for last-minute design changes that are not major. (Major changes will understandably require redrawing and need to be billed accordingly.)

    So why do we really include this valuable service, anyway? Through years of working directly with home owners as well as contractors we know firsthand how alive Murphy’s Law is. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, but it’s definitely not uncommon for situations to occur that deviate from the original custom home floor plans.

    For example: You might think of a change, or really neat idea, halfway through construction and need confirmation on integrating it into your design appropriately. Or, since most contractors have their own unique way of doing things they may want to verify the intent of a design feature to see if it’s practical in saving time or money (or just because they like it better) doing it their way.

    No matter what the situation may be, if it’s a design-related question and you got your dream custom home floor plans designed by Larry’s Home Designs you get our fully-committed-to-you phone support service until construction is complete! If the matter is not pressing and you prefer email that’s perfectly fine as well.

    As a highly-valued client of ours – for a simple, one time fee of $150 – we believe you should receive the courtesy and privilege you deserve to have direct personal access to us for as long as it takes until your home is built. Period.

    Get started on the right path with an experienced guide helping you the whole way...

    I can hear you asking, "How do I take advantage of these exclusive, experience-enhancing benefits and get them working hard to turn my dream custom home floor plans into a life-sized reality?"

    We've made it as simple and fast as we knew how to make it to get you started today.

    Let's break it down into simple, easy-to-understand details so you'll clearly know what’s going on right upfront without anything popping up later. This enables us to serve you better and everyone agreeably knows what's expected. Sound fair?

    Getting your dreams out of your head and into construction-ready plans is as easy to begin as 1, 2, 3. (In no way am I implying your custom home floor plans will be ready in a heartbeat. Good things take time to properly finish. Your home is no exception.)

    It's critically important that you lay the foundational concepts of your home properly by letting us know exactly what you want and need. 

    That's precisely what these 3 steps accomplish:

      1. Lock in your position
      2. Fill out your “Dreams-To-Reality Fast Start Kit”
      3. Send your completed Fast Start Kit Forms to us…

    And your dream is on its way! Here is what each of those steps includes: 

    STEP 1Lock in your position
    This means getting your name on our project list which is compiled on a first-come first-served basis. As soon as you send us the nominal deposit of $500 you'll be locked in! The deposit will be deducted from your invoice total.

    The deposit is just to sort out those who are serious about their dreams and ready to take action, from those who aren't. We do understand that situations change. If you can’t follow through after making a deposit, it will be refunded minus any hours we’ve already put into the job. Or you will be billed accordingly if the hours are past your deposit. We trust this is fair for everybody.

    Simply sign the "Custom Design Agreement" at the end of this book and send it to us at with your deposit in one of the following ways:

    • Mail it via US Postal Service to Larry's Home Designs, 870 Matthew Dr., Stevens PA 17578
    • Or send it via Paypal to sales@larryshomedesigns.com.
    • You may also send the signed agreement to the above email, or fax it to 717-745-3838

    STEP 2Get your free "Dreams-To-Reality Fast Start Kit"

    After locking in your position you will receive your FREE "Dreams-To-Reality Fast Start Kit."

    Just let us know how you prefer to receive it!

    Created specifically to help you get off to a solid, fast start just fill in the blanks, answer the questions and collect the recommended information. Save yourself an incredible amount of time, money and frustrations by fully making use of this kit. It is designed to help you understand and solidify your own custom home floor plans needs and desires by systematically documenting them.

    This kit will easily guide you in preparing your ideas to share them clearly with us so we both know what you want. 

    STEP 3Send your completed Fast Start Kit Forms to us 

    After you've completed the forms simply send them to us. Fax, regular mail, or email if you have scanning capabilities. Or drop them off in person if you're close by. And of course you'll want to keep a copy for your own records as well.

    You'll get confirmation when we've received them. When your custom home floor plans are ready to be worked on in our order lineup, they'll be thoroughly reviewed. And then – the moment you've been waiting for (I've always wanted to say that!) – you will be contacted to arrange our first consultation to discuss your design.

    1. 2. and 3... Your dreams are in motion! 

    So go ahead and click here to get started today...

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    Fast-Start Home Design Guide eCover

    Jump-start your dream home planning by claiming your "Fast Start Home Design Guide" below. Simply fill out the following form...

    A Few Comments:

    "Thank you! Received the plans yesterday. They look great. We will definitely recommend you. I'm so excited now to have a visual. We'll have you out when it's all done.

    Take care and God bless."

    - Tommy & Christine
    Mohnton, PA 

    "In my line of work I build both log and conventional homes. It can be difficult to find someone who can draw prints for both styles. I received a flyer in advertising Larry's Home Design. I was planning to build a house for myself and decided to try Larry's that way I could guage whether I would use him for my clients. I was very impressed and since then Larry's Home Design draws prints for all our customers."

    - Marvin Fisher
    Denlinger-Fisher Builders
    New Holland PA

    You might find this helpful if you are looking for even more personalized design strategies before finalizing your own plans…

    "…very easy to work with and quickly understood what we wanted. Larry, I truly enjoyed working with you on the design. You were always there to talk to me… It was wonderful for me getting to help the guys build the house and see it come to life. It was a lot of work, but now we can enjoy the fruits of our labor. Please stop in and see us whenever you can. You are always welcome."

    - Keith Johnson
    Bainbridge, OH

    "Believe me, Larry & his ability to design structures, is a 'jewel in the rough.' I was referred to him as an experienced log home designer & I had either a log (or log slab) home in mind. I contacted Larry, & in no time, had plans & the specifications. This was to the last nail & piece of siding.

    Larry's work is reasonably priced & excellent quality. He knows builders & suppliers who can have you in 'front of the fireplace' in no time."

    - James E. Vaughan
    Groveport, OH


    ... Thanks again for your help with these. You have been by far the best designer we have dealt with, both communication wise and product quality wise. Everything I have looked at had been excellent. Keep up the good work.

    - Thanks Gary
    Crockett Log Homes