Welcome to our quality selection of "proven" efficient house plans!

Why "proven and efficient house plans?" A very good question, and the answer is simple:

Every single home plan offered on this site is more than just another set of home plans you can buy anywhere else. It has already been - or is in the process of being - built!

Your new home could be next. And we'll help you make it happen! (We sincerely hope that you not only fully enjoy your browsing here, but that studying these plans will be incredibly profitable and insightful for you in shaping your own dream home ideas!) 

To make it easier for you to find what you're looking for the plans options are listed in the following five categories below:


All Stock Plans Include A Minimum 2 FREE Hours of Customization or More! Just our way of saying "Thank You" for using Larry's Home Designs to pursue your home building goals. Enjoy...

900 Square Feet or Less

Perfect for that hunting cabin or personal family getaway you’ve always wanted! Pick a winner from this series of quaint, highly functional cabin designs that may be just what the doctor ordered. Or better yet, what you need as prevention for a doctor! Click here to browse plans...

901 - 1700 Square Feet

Looking for that perfect 1 or 2 bedroom home? Great for a first home, or for retirees wanting less house to take care of. Or if you simply just don’t want or need a large home - then you’ll be sure to find something here that will be able to meet or exceed your desires! Click here to browse plans...

1701 - 2500 Square Feet

Looking for a really nice, moderate, and proven 3 or 4 bedroom efficient house plan for whatever your needs may be? Then look no farther! Choose from this fine, family-oriented selection of options that are tailor-made for the gamut of medium sized home design wishes. Click here to browse plans...

2501 Square Feet and More

You can finally afford to enjoy the finer things in life and you are ready for that home that you’ve dreamed of for so long. Bring it together here with all the spacious, beauty and function-enhancing features that will not only make it a home but a showpiece as well! Click here to browse plans...

Full-Service Custom Design

Want a home as special and one-of-a-kind as you? Full-service custom design is what we’ve built both our business and reputation on for more than a decade! Like all the plans on this site were born through our custom design services, we're here to bring your personal home design dreams to life! Click here to discover how...

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The Secret Psychology Behind 20+ Years of Home Design Success

What Our Clients Say

"We sent a layout to Larry with lots of modifications on it in writing. To our surprise, he designed our blueprints to exactly what we were wanting without any questions. He did a very wonderful job and it was also great how he listed each load that would be needed in sequence. We were very impressed with his work and at a very reasonable price. We would recommend him to anyone."

- Carrie Albright,
S. Bloomingville, OH

Believe me, Larry & his ability to design structures, is a 'jewel in the rough.' I was referred to him as an experienced log home designer & I had either a log (or log slab) home in mind. I contacted Larry, & in no time, had plans & the specifications. This was to the last nail & piece of siding.

Larry's work is reasonably priced & excellent quality. He knows builders & suppliers who can have you in 'front of the fireplace' in no time.

- James E. Vaughan,
Groveport OH

Larry Stauffer in Stevens, PA on Houzz

And Even More Say

You are truly a "wonder worker". I called the township today to see if they had any news on our plans we gave them and the guy said he would have everything ready for me to pick up the permit next Wed. WOW!!!!! I have never heard of or seen anything go through so quickly - you have the talent, Larry.

I am so glad that we may be able to get this project underway before the real cold weather sets in and the builder can maybe be working on the interior by that time and maybe Mom can be here early spring. She turns 80 in April and we would love to have an 80th Birthday party and housewarming all in one for her and all her friends. We will see how the Lord leads. He is working quickly in all of this and I am amazed and what He has done through you and the builder. Thank you so much. I will be taking pictures and keeping you updated on all of it. We do promote you any opportunity that we get. You are GREAT!

Thank you
Ron and Marcy Shingle

PS - the check (really) is in the mail!


…your website and found it to be very entertaining. It was geared to getting the "Larry's Homes novice" to do what I had pretty much already decided on from the great phone conversation we had, which is trust your expertise in your industry.

-Alan Leeth, Virginia

"In my line of work I build both log and conventional homes. It can be difficult to find someone who can draw prints for both styles. I received a flyer in advertising Larry's Home Design. I was planning to build a house for myself and decided to try Larry's that way I could guage whether I would use him for my clients. I was very impressed and since then Larry's Home Design draws prints for all our customers."

- Marvin Fisher
Denlinger-Fisher Builders,
New Holland PA