"Are You Up-To-Speed on Your New Home's REScheck Requirements?"

Mentioning to clients that they need a rescheck for their house often brings about looks of confusion and raised eyebrows. It is something that is becoming more common as all the building codes get updated. The option has been around for a long time, but only recently our townships and other municipalities began requiring this form at the time of plan submission for a building permit.

What A Rescheck Is
To explain in as few sentences as possible, it is a document that describes the overall efficiency of your insulation in your building. If it does not meet the overall efficiency that is required by code, it will fail and you will not get a building permit.

You should not even try to get a building permit if the minimum efficiency form requirements are not integrated into your specific plans. If your municipality does not require one, you still need to meet certain insulation requirements based on the regular building codes.

A Typical House Example
Let's do a quick example just to give a better idea of how this system works. With the software that I use, it requires entering the total square footage of the ceiling, the total square footage of the windows, and total square footage of the walls and floor. I then enter the R-value of each individual area of the house. For example, the roof might have R-value of 38 for that insulation. The walls might have an R-value of 19. The floor system might have an R-value of 30. In a typical house like this, it would very likely pass by a 15% to 25% margin.

Other Variables Of Consideration
Windows and doors are rated on a different system than solid structures like walls and roofs. Their heat-resistance rating is measured by what is called a U-factor. Each individual brand of doors or windows will have their own U-factor value. All of these numbers need to be added into the res check software.

When everything is complete, the system automatically calculates the necessary insulation requirements for the geographical zone that was entered. Then you can instantly see whether that specific building passed or failed to meet the IECC codes, and by what percentage it passed or failed. By the way, IECC stands for International Energy Conservation Codes.

Several other factors commonly play into correctly prepping the rescheck form. They involve skylights, heated or unheated basement areas, different types of wall construction, and even different versions of the IECC codes. Trying to explain every last detail would be a waste of time, but I want to make sure you solidly grasp the basics involved.

If the software reveals that everything is acceptable you are well on your way to building your new home. If not, it’s back to the design phase to tweak the variables required to meet proper energy efficiency.

The Main Purpose
The rescheck form is a great timesaver for the local building inspector. He or she can look at this form, see the location, instantly see the square footages of the walls and roofs, compare that to the square footages of the doors and windows, and instantly see that the building meets or exceeds the necessary insulation requirements. 

Reschecks are not that difficult to do if one knows all the variables that go into it. I would be more than happy to help you out with any questions you have concerning the code compliance of your new home or addition in doing your plan's energy evaluation for you.

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